successful-deposition-survey-results-what-attorneys-do-to-prepareIn our recent survey, we asked three questions about what makes a deposition successful. We all know the importance of having successful depositions. The information discovered in them can make or break a case. Attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, court reporters and legal videographers all have important roles in the success of a deposition.

As a resource to you, we created the short survey to gather thoughts and tips about depositions from the various roles involved.

This article highlights some of the attorneys’ answers to the first question. We will highlight other survey results in future articles.

The first question was:

What are the top two things you do in your role to prepare for a successful deposition?

Some of the attorneys’ answers were (the attorneys credited gave their permission):

  • “Review all pertinent information about the case, including the documents and pleadings. Prepare a list of topics I want to cover with the deponent.”
  • “Review the case file, and make sure I have my admonishments written down and packed in my briefcase.” – Noura Yunker, Legal Motion Solutions
  • “Meet with the client before the deposition to prepare.  Review all relevant documentation.  Have anticipated exhibits copied and ready to go.” – Kyle Branson, Gillette Law Firm, P.A.
  • “Understand the facts and law. Identify the concessions I want to obtain.”
  • “Make certain that I stay focused on the issues that need to be addressed. Know the file ‘in and out.’” – Wade Dorothy, The Dorothy Law Firm LLC
  • “When I’m taking a deposition:  determine my goals for the deposition; establish a series of questions for each key point.” – Mark Katz, Coronado Katz LLC
  • “Understand the facts and determine what witness can say or not say.” – Dennis Horner, Horner & Duckers Chartered
  • “Have a plan. Know the documents”
  • “Know the facts of the case, what the reports say, and the direction or plan for the deposition and how to get the desired result or information. I follow the old Boy Scout model of ‘Be Prepared’ for all contingencies.”

How do you prepare for depositions?

Thank you to those who have taken the survey! You shared some good information! If you haven’t taken the survey yet, it’s not too late. We’re going to keep it running a little while longer to give you a little more time to share your input as well! Take the survey.

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